Best of the Past - Industrial vintage

Industrieel vintage meubels, lampen en woonaccessoires


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"A week ago I had to do a quick pickup in the city Eindhoven. As expected, this "quick" pickup turned out into a bit of shopping time pour moi. As I was actually walking back to my car I came across a new shop in town, Homestock limited editions. 

They've actually been in Eindhoven for half a year, so the store is getting settled in the Nieuwe Emmasingel.  Homestock isn't your usual kind of store, it's a place to be inspired (which I definitely was) where everything you see is for sale and reasonably priced. Their products range from fashion to interior decorations and the collection is constantly updated with new gems.  Because of this, their stores also change continuously and each time you enter the store, is a new chance of finding something unique. 

As I wondered around the store, I was amazed by the collection and my wishlist grew longer and longer. From industrial lamps to couches to glass photoframes, everything was just lovely. The ladies from the store were very helpful and nice as well, which makes this also definitely a store to visit! I could just retain myself from buying a very cute sheep rug and promised myself I would definitely return."

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